Architecture at Home

Architecture at Home, Crystal Bridges’ first outdoor architecture exhibition, aims to spark a dialogue about contemporary housing and how it can better serve the needs of individuals and communities. Through research, interviews, and innovative thinking, five architecture firms based across the Americas designed and fabricated experimental structures that emphasize the necessity for human-centered design in homebuilding.

The exhibition suggests four key principles for the future of housing: emphasize the humanity of the occupants, carefully select materials, practice efficient building methods, and recognize the importance of place.The five firms—LEVENBETTS, MUTUO, Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados (PPAA), studio:indigenous, and studioSUMO—explored the needs, challenges, and opportunities of the Northwest Arkansas community to develop their concepts.We invite you to learn more about each structure, and consider what “home” means to you.

Explore in Virtual Reality
Collage of five images depicting people exploring architectural structures